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end users

for end users

Sensitive data management

  • Passwords
  • Secure notes
  • Identity
business users

for devops and business

Strong authentication service

  • One-time QR code
  • Extended REST API
  • Web dashboard
end users
Sensitive data manager
Passwords Secure notes Identity

A mobile app
for your smartphone

OAuthentic mobile app
Google Play Apple App Store

version 4.2.1 [June 4, 2020]

A web app
for your other devices

OAuthentic web app

version 3.0.0 [April 18, 2020]

business users
Strong authentication service
Easy and secure as a One-Time QR-code
One-Time QR-code

One-Time QR-code

With the OAuthentic mobile app, the end user has just to scan a dynamic QR-code.

The Open Source SDK enables effortless integration with any web app.

The OAuthentic authentication service can be used as addon to existing access control systems or even can replace them.



Both standard and secure, the REST API also includes extensions such as Webhook and Websocket to easily connect to existing systems.

The API also provides authentication logs in order to ensure the trackability of the service.

Open Source SDK

Web dashboard

The web app has been extended and now contains a developer dashboard open to any OAuthentic user.

It will enable you to define security and integration parameters for an unlimited number of services.

Please consult the API documentation for further details about OAuthentic authentication service.

Build your own physical access controller!
You just need a Raspberry Pi hardware and the OAuthentic API.

Find on GitHub all the installation details and the open source code.

end users
Unlimited and free of charge privacy
business users
Free of charge account

A real free account,
not just a fake trial.

Your first mobile app setup automatically assigns you a free account which enables you to benefit from the whole unique offer without any limit.

Open ecosystem

A open service,
not a closed ecosystem.

You can use OAuthentic in parallell with several iPhone and Android smartphones as well as any web browser. [1].

All you have to do is to use the same email id to automatically synchronize all your data.

Privacy guaranteed

Privacy guaranteed by a Zero Knowledge architecture.

Zero Knowledge means that OAuthentic is technically not able to disclose the contents of your personal data to anyone, including under pressure.

With OAuthentic, you are the only one to own the key to your private data with biometric authentication [2].

Google Play Apple App Store

(1) The OAuthentic web app has been tested with recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and Tor browsers.

(2) OAuthentic relies on native biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition) that is available on most recent smartphones. The mobile app also runs on older smartphones or when biometric authentication is not enabled.

end users
A simple and effective service on all your devices
Password manager

Versatile password generator

Easy to customize, the OAuthentic password generator creates strong passwords which match any requirement with 8 to 16 alphanumeric and special characters.

Secure note manager

Confidential and stylish notes

Why would secure notes be austere or tedious to put in shape? OAuthentic chose style and simplicity with Markdown formatting.

For further details, please take a look at the READ-ME which is also available as your first note when opening an account.

end users
A secure and stealthy web application
business users
Biometric access control

Biometric authentication

No password, even no form to login to the web app. Just scan a QR-code QR code with OAuthentic mobile app.

You benefit then of your smartphone biometric authentication depending on the model used.

Remote logout

By default, the OAuthentic web app logs out automatically if it is not used for a few minutes.

But you can also close all your web sessions remotely by shaking OAuthentic on your smartphone to activate the Shake-to-close function.

Cookie-free web app

Cookie-free web app

The OAuthentic web app does not leave any stored data in your browser thanks to its ephemeral session data.

Then no problem to use OAuthentic on a shared computer, even in case private or anonymous browsing.

Authenticating on web app
end users
The key to your privacy rooted in the real world
ciphering key

Principle of a ciphering key

A complex code known only to you

With OAuthentic, your data are encrypted using a personal ciphering key only known to you. This key consists of 10 to 16 digits to combine sufficient complexity with simplified entry.

The OAuthentic tools to manage your key

However entering and remembering such codes is still a pain for most of us. That's why OAuthentic provides tools to facilitate the manipulation and backup of such personal codes.

barcode Barcode scanner

And if your key was one of your favorite books?

Many barcode formats are the same type as an OAuthentic ciphering key. This is particularly the case for ISBN codes that you can find on most books.

Thus, if you want to use the ISBN of your favorite book as an encryption key, it's very simple you just use the barcode scanner available in the forms for creating and entering your key in mobile app.

Scanning a barcode as ciphering key

GeOAuthentic GeOAuthentic geo-backup

Why not saving your ciphering key in a secret place?

It is often easier to remember a familiar place or one that has a certain importance for you than a complex code, even if it is very important.

The GeOAuthentic feature has been designed on the basis of this simple observation: To be sure to retrieve your key in this so special place for you where you saved it.

It is simple. The accuracy is about 30m and it works in the whole GPS covered world.

Key backup and restore in a secret place
french tech
  • OAuthentic is designed, hosted and operated in France, outside the scope of the Cloud Act and in total respect of the GDPR.
  • The OAuthentic cloud infrastructure is composed of servers duly protected according to the rules of the art.
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