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Contact and Legal information

OAuthentic is a company in the process of being created. In this context, development and promotion are led by Guillaume DORBES.

The OAuthentic name and related visuals are trademarks registered at the l'INPI. OAuthentic is operated in France and is governed by French law. For furter details, please see the terms and conditions.

The OAuthentic service and the oauthentic.com website are hosted in France at Scaleway.

Contact: contact@oauthentic.com

Software Stack

OAuthentic is mainly developped with Open Source technologies. As such, the OAuthentic server and client software stacks include the following technologies(not exhaustive list).

Server Stack

Ubuntu Node.js MongoDB Redis Let's Encrypt OpenDKIM NGINX PostFix Socket.io

Client Stack

JavaScript ES6 Responsive CSS Cordova Web Crypto API Socket.io Marked

Security Issue Report

No security issue.

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