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Why did I create the OAuthentic service?

<i class='orange'>O</i>Authentic

A more than ever obvious need

The digital services omnipresence and their corollaries of identification data is obvious to all. Similarly, in the « real world », we need to remember many codes and to manage private data.

Like many of you I needed a tool to manage my confidential data. I needed a simple, safe and reliable tool. So I started by looking for the application or service that would meet all my expectations.

A plethoric offer but not the Magic Combo

There are three main types of confidential data management solutions:

  • web browsers,
  • dedicated apps,
  • utility apps.

Browser personal data managers • Useful but Limited

Web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome can store login data, but they quickly reach their limits:

  • They can only be used with web forms (sic) and therefore useless for the rest. It should also be noted that web forms are losing momentum for sensitive sites (e.g. finance, health) in favor of virtual keyboard based forms.
  • The login data synchronization is circumscribed to the browser ecosystem.
  • The privacy of these tools is low when you have access to the equipment. For example, there is no systematic authentication to make sure the browser user is the right one.

Personal data vault • Rich, even complex and overall paying

There are multiple personal vault applications to manage passwords and secure documents. Although often rich in features, most of these applications are not free when it comes to unlimited usage.

Generally these applications are accompanied by web browser plugins intended to automatically fill the forms instead of the browser with the same limits in case of authentication without form. These plugins that see all your web traffic and private data are a vulnerability in terms of security and privacy.

Native Operating System utilities • Dependent by design

Most OS (e.g. Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux) come with more or less sophisticated and secure notebooks. The main difficulty appears when you have an heterogeneous set of devices (e.g. an Android smartphone + iPad tablet + 1 Windows PC), because it becomes then a pain to synchronize all that.

And the privacy in all this?

Overall we can think that the solutions mentioned above respect the encryption of your data from end to end. But is it enough?

Biometric authentication

Some of the solutions mentioned above implement biometric authentication, but it is not systematic on smartphones and it is available at all on computers.


Adopted in 2018, the CLOUD Act allows the US government to obtain your personal data without your knowledge when they are managed by a service provider governed by the United States (e.g. Amazon Web Service, MS Azure, Google, Dropbox ...).

So, even if you do not know it, the provider of your security solution may be subject to this law with consequences for your data privacy.

OAuthentic: The answer to my needs

In light of the above, I designed the service oauthentic.com to meet all my needs and at the same time to benefit all those who have the same.

Here are some of the high-level requirements that led OAuthentic's developments:

  • Manage my passwords and secure notes on any device.
  • Have a free, simple and unlimited service.
  • Synchronize the data between all my devices.
  • Secure access to data by biometric authentication including computer.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of end-to-end user data, even in case of hacking or other pressures.
  • Use standard algorithms and APIs.
  • Restore user data in simple printable and exportable formats.
  • Manage my user Master Key in an autonomous way even in case of device loss or theft.
  • Have a stealthy web device compatible with private or anonymous browsing.
  • Host the service on a reliable and secure infrastructure out of the scope of the CLOUD Act.

OAuthentic and you?

If these needs are yours, feel free to try oauthentic.com and maybe to adopt it.

  • If you like it, then let it know in your favorite network.
  • If you don't like it, tell me why using email (guillaume@oauthentic.com) or Twitter (@oauthentic_com).
  • Finally if you miss a function, why not asking me? The service is young (like me 😁) and can evolve quickly.

See you soon on OAuthentic.

Guillaume DORBES • Founder

Have a great new year with an always evolving service

<i class='orange'>O</i>Authentic

First of all, I wish you all the best for this new year, both in your personal and professional life.

For OAuthentic, in 2019 we will enrich our services to offer a better protection of your privacy on the Internet.

Thus, as of the end of the year 2018 we have already fixed some youth bugs of the service started just a few weeks ago and added some features such as import / export and the generator of password on mobile.

Find all the details of new versions of web and mobile applications in the News section and on Twitter@oauthentic_com.

See you soon on OAuthentic.

Guillaume DORBES • Founder

Yet another password manager

<i class='orange'>O</i>Authentic

This may be your comment when you discover OAuthentic. But I'm sure you'll quickly appreciate all the new features that make the difference with existing apps and services and make OAuthentic a trusted partner of your privacy.

Full load of new features

A simple, free and unlimited offer

In a digital world where there are many sources of attacks on your privacy, we believe that privacy is a right that should be open to all, whatever the devices.

A Zero Knowledge service

At OAuthentic, nothing is known about your data and we are happy to offer you the guarantee that even under pressure or as a result of malice your data will remain confidential.

No additional password

Vous en avez déjà suffisamment de mots de passe à gérer pour qu'on ne vous en impose pas un supplémentaire. Chez OAuthentic, pour plus de simplicité et de sécurité, pas de mot de passe.

Biometric access control to your data

With the biometric verification that is now widespread, you better control the security of your smartphones and it is a very good thing.

That's why the OAuthentic mobile app not only secures your data with biometrics, it also gives you access control when you use OAuthentic on a computer or tablet.

No trace in your computer

Thanks to access control with your smartphone and a cookie-free web service, you are certain that your use of OAuthentic on your computer will leave no trace. Handy and secure on a shared or professional computer.

Your secrets rooted in your real world

With its exclusive geo-backup and cryptographic key management features, OAuthentic lets you use the real world around you as the ultimate access control to your data, easier to remember than a complex code.

And many more to come

Now that the baby OAuthenthic is born, it will of course grow and the offer will be enriched with new features to make your digital life easier and to protect your privacy.

To better satisfy you, any feedback to our @oauthentic_com Twitter account is welcome.

See you soon on OAuthentic.

Guillaume DORBES • Founder

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