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Features Mobile App Web App.
Passwords App mobile App web
Unlimited number of passwords
Password generator
Secure notes App mobile App web
Unlimited number of notes
Markdown styling
Data restitution App mobile App web
Global data print
Export to not encrypted JSON file
Import from not encrypted JSON file
Security and Privacy App mobile App web
Zero Knowledge service (1)
Password-free secure authentication (2)
Biometric authentication (3)
Cookie-free service (4)
Remote app disabling (5)
Standard Web Crypto AES-256 and RSA (6)
Ciphering key utilities (7) App mobile App web
Random key generator
ISBN barcode scanner (8)
Smartphone local storage
GeOAuthentic - geo-backup and restore (9)
Platforms App mobile App web
Android Android and iOS iPhone smartphones
Computers and tablets
Supported browsers: modern versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and Tor
Simultaneous use of several devices
Development App mobile App web
API REST + WebSocket + WebHook
Unlimited number of services
Developer dashboard
Open Source libraries

And soon OAuthentic will also have secure communication features.


Zero Knowledge service

The OAuthentic is said zero knowledge because it does not centralize any information that can decrypt user data. The data is encrypted-decrypted locally at the application level. No sensitive data is reported unencrypted to OAuthentic servers.

It is up to users to manage their encryption key, their loss would prevent access to their data. That's why OAuthentic offers tools to facilitate their management.

Password-free secure authentication

The mobile application authentication is performed by sending a one-time confirmation token to the user's email.

The web app authentication is performed using a dynamic QR code to be scanned by the mobile application only, which then transmits the end-to-end encrypted session data.

Biometric authentication

For sensitive operations, the OAuthentic mobile app relies on native biometric authentication of Android and iOS smartphones, either by fingerprint or face recognition, depending on the device.

The web app indirectly benefits from the biometric authentication that is implemented during the authentication.

Remote app disabling

First of all, the Shake-to-close function allows you to close all your web app sessions just by shaking your smartphone when the mobile application is active.

This is also the ability to disable remotely any other instance of the mobile application installed on another smartphone, configured with the same account.

Standard Web Crypto

OAuthentic exclusively implements the state of the art of AES, SHA et RSA encryption standards thanks to the Web Crypto API available on modern browsers. Older browsers are not supported (further details).

Ciphering key

To encrypt and decrypt their data, each user needs a personal key, called a ciphering key or encryption key. To make it easier to enter on a smartphone, OAuthentic uses 8 to 16-digit keys.

ISBN code scanner

ISBN ISBN code code scanner to use a favorite book as ciphering key.

PLEASE NOTE 👉 Several editions of the same book may have different ISBNs.


The GeOAuthentic feature allows you to backup and restore a cyphering key at a given location.

Once saved, the key will be restored from the same place with the application configured with the same account that was used for backup, but not necessarily with the same smartphone.

The OAuthentic accuracy is about 30m.

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